Whether it’s the heat of the day, playing sports or night sweats that cause us to overheat, we are all looking for ways to stay cooler!

When the weather is hot, many customers come in looking for cotton bras, underpants and sleepwear.  Certainly, cotton is breathable and absorbent.  The only problem is that it collects moisture and stays wet.  That can be uncomfortable and unhealthy.  We also hear about rashes and infections.

The answer is “moisture  management”.  That means wicking the moisture from your body and taking it to the outside of the fabric so it can evaporate.  It makes you feel both dry and cool.

Decades of technological development have resulted in moisture managing fabrics from both manmade and natural fibers.

We have four popular bras with moisture management, all of manmade fibers, i.e., polyester/nylon, spandex.  Three are sports bras, two with wires and one without.  The last is more of an all day bra without an underwire.  Together they cover a wide range of bra sizes.

All of our moisture wicking panties and sleepwear are made of specially treated cotton.  Although the panties come plain, our best sellers have wide lace trim for a super smooth look under clothes.  Sleepwear ranges from plain sleep tees to fancy lace trimmed chemises.

If you have “hot and sweaty” problems moisture management garments are great problem solvers.

Be cool!

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