Everywhere you look you see lace–dresses, gowns, blouses, jackets, shirts, pants, shorts, stockings, and the usual lingerie.  Sometimes it’s actual lace and sometimes it’s printed onto fabric.  From casual to formal, it’s all the rage!

The fastest and easiest way to get the lace look using what you have in your closet is with our beautiful Arianne tops. They work with everything from denim to velvet and come in four very popular styles.

Our best seller is a reversible sleeveless top.  Wear it one way and you have a v-neck front with open lace shoulders and back-best worn without a cover.  Turn it around and the lace becomes high neck.  This way is stunning under jackets, sweaters and deep “V” tops.

Teri 5501 Red         02

If sleeveless isn’t your favorite look, another great style has short lace sleeves continuing the lace across the front and back boat neckline.  It is perfect on its own or under a jacket.


New styles for fall include a sleeveless turtleneck and one with ¾ sleeves, wide lace across the back and over the shoulders, plunging to a ”V” front.

06     05

All are comfortable to wear, washable and easy to pack.  It’s just one garment to wear with multiple outfits for everything from casual to formal.

Come see what works best with your closet!


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