Fall weddings are getting close and the alarms are going off for all brides, moms and members of the bride’s wedding party to get underpinnings for their gowns-ones that make them look great and feel secure.  Makes sense!

We’ve seen all kinds of beautiful gowns in the last couple of weeks, most being easy to work with.  The few difficult ones usually start with the customer crying “I need a miracle!”.  One grandmother of the groom came in with a beautiful knit shimmery gown, very body hugging and cut to the waist in the back.  She wanted total smoothing of her body and support for her 36DD chest without anything showing through the fabric or above the low back.  Finding the right bra and shaper was a long creative process and required some concessions on her part.

Suffice it to say, if you need a miracle to make your dress work, think about choosing a different dress.

The very best way to avoid stress in choosing a gown that will ultimately look great and be comfortable is to plan ahead.  Identify your issues and requirements.  Do you need a lot of bust support?  Do you need a lot of smoothing or shaping?  Can you tolerate tight or boned lifters and shapers?  Is comfort most important to you?  If you do have concerns, first start with undergarments that give you the support you need and that will be comfortable for a whole day of standing, sitting and dancing.  Then shop for your gown.  A face that shows pain does not look good in pictures!

Although these suggestions may be appropriate for anyone choosing her own gown, there are those bridesmaids whose gowns are chosen for them.  Many young ladies with very full bust lines have been in tears trying to deal with a dress chosen by a bride or maid of honor who doesn’t need more than cups sewn into her dress.  We work hard to find the best foundation solutions for the body and dress, but a creative alterations person is needed to finish the job with special adjustments to the gown. The end result is wonderful, but not without major stress and expense.

Planning to avoid stress requires consideration for everyone of all shapes and sizes.   If you have questions about choices for you or others, give us a call!

Kyle Goodwin

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