Planning ahead can be very helpful in choosing and purchasing post-surgical garments.  There are a variety of options to wear immediately after surgery or during reconstruction, depending on specific needs.  It is important to consult with your doctor to see if you need to bring a garment to wear home from the hospital, if you will have drains and need drain management, or if you need a compression bra for reconstruction.

If compression isn’t required, a soft, comfortable, cotton, front closing bra or vest with a drain management option is usually best.  These styles also come with soft puffs for shape when needed for symmetry.  During the reconstruction process, the surgeon may request that you wear a light compression bra to help keep expanders and implants in place.  There are also specially designed soft, adjustable, breast forms to help maintain symmetry during the expansion process.

Whatever your specific needs are, it is easier to have your fitting before surgery so you have the correct styles and sizes when you need them.

Insurance companies usually do cover these products, but vary on purchase dates.  It is important to check with your insurance to see what is covered and if your date of purchase can be before surgery.  If the purchase must be made after surgery, your order can be held for later pick up.

For a fitting or to see any of these products or others that you may need later, just call for an appointment.  (973) 627-1836


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