I recently went on vacation to a warm climate and was amazed at the number of women (not young kids) walking around with bra straps showing!  It ruined the look of otherwise fun and fashionable tops and dresses with cutout necklines or armholes, or tanks with thinner straps.  Why am I blogging about this heading into winter?  Because many dressy holiday outfits have the same stylish necklines and cutouts.  These days there are so many types of bras and camisoles made specifically to solve the problem of “there for the world to see” bra straps.

For the most prevalent problems that I observed there are solutions for A to H cups.

Bra straps showing at the back of sleeveless tops and tanks


1)  A racer back bra

2)  A convertible bra for criss-cross straps

3)  A bra with adjustable hook and loop on the back strap to make a racer back    configuration

or 4)   A strapless with or without removable straps that can be criss-crossed

Bra straps showing over the front and back of the shoulder when armholes are cut high closer to the neck


1)  The same solutions used on the previous problem

or  2)  A cami with a built in bra or a sports bra in a compatible color

Bra straps showing on a boatneck top


1)  A strapless

2)  A bra with wider set straps

or 3)  A cami with built in bra or a sports bra in a compatible color

Entire straps showing under a halter top


1)  A strapless with or without removable straps that can convert to a halter

or 2)  Any bra that converts to a halter

These examples are a few of the many issues with many solutions.  My suggestion is to plan ahead.  Try any questionable new styles with bras that you have.  Evaluate both front and back views.  Move around to make sure everything stays in place.  If what you own doesn’t work, come in with whatever clothing you need help with and we’ll help you solve the showing strap problem.


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