So much to learn, so many decisions to make. You get your support group in place and start your research.

Often, a lumpectomy is clearly indicated as the best procedure, but not all situations are that clear. The hardest decision many women have to make is the choice between lumpectomy/partial mastectomy and complete mastectomy. That choice is very personal and is based on professional medical consultations as well as any other information gathering to help you make the decision you are most comfortable with.

If, during that process, you think that you would benefit from seeing any post surgical products available for partial and full mastectomies, just call for an appointment and I will be happy to spend time showing you prosthetics and bras and answering your questions. This is not based on any purchase expectation and is offered even if your insurance requires you to purchase elsewhere. The same opportunity is here for all of you who have made your decision but just want to see what to expect after surgery.

For questions about post surgical garments or to make an appointment, just call me at (973) 627-1836.


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